Spring boot questions

  • What is auto wiring? How does it work?
  • Stereotype annotation in Spring Boot.
  • Difference between Uri & URL?
  • What is ResponsEntitiy?
  • How to handle exceptions in spring boot?
  • How to handle validations in spring boot.
  • @ComponentScan in spring boot
  • Explain in brief what @SpringBootApplicationDoes
  • Spring boot architecture
  • Explain Application context?
  • Explain Dispatcher Servlet?
  • What does @Bean do?
  • Difference betweee @Component & @Bean.
  • CommandLIneRunner interface.
  • How to configure SQL database in spring boot.
  • What is JPA?
  • What is ORM? Explain Hibernate ORM?
  • What is the role of pom.xml?
  • Difference between JPARepository and CRUD Repository?
  • How to write custom queries in JPA?
  • How to set one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relation in JPA?
  • @ControllerAdvice
  • How to create a global exception handler in springboot?
  • How to paginate data in spring boot?
  • Setup JWT based authentication in spring boot?
  • What is JWT token?
  • What is oAuth?
  • Wha is Spring Security?
  • Difference between application.properties file and application.yml file?
  • what is the role of @Value annotation?


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