DSA Practice Questions

ractice these questions to improve your coding skills

Compiled List

  • Trees
    • Inorder traversal
    • Pre order traversal
    • post order traversal
    • Level order traversla
    • Find height of tree
    • Check if two trees are symmetric
    • Check if two trees are identical
    • Find mirror image of tree
    • Find the minimum diff between two nodes of a tree
  • BFS
  • DFS
  • Dynamic Programming
    • can (eg: canSum)
    • how (eg: howSum)
    • best (eg: bestSum)
    • Knapsack problem
    • Longest common subsequence (LCS)
  • Maximum sum subarray (Kadence algorithm)
  • Maximuk k sum subarray
  • Best time to buy stock
  • Longest String with non repeating characters
  • Two sum
  • Three sum
  • Merge two sorted array
  • merge two sorted linked list
  • Find mid of linked list
  • Check if linked list is palindrome
  • Revers linked list
  • Check if linked list is forming cycle
  • AVL tree
  • Djikstra Algorithm
  • Travelling salesman problem