PPC and AdWords

AdWords & PPC (pay-per-click) are the services that enable you to earn by allowing others to advertise their products and websites on your website.

If your website gets traffic, then it is a great idea to earn through it. Hosting ads of other companies & businesses and charging them for every click that users do on their ad. This will facilitate a passive income for you without
degrading your traffic. The earnings per click will be delivered to your registered bank account
without any involvement of any third party. Now the problem is that with all your business and personal time, how will you manage to find companies to give ads on your website?

Code & Colors is here for the asistance. We have worked with various companies and have a wide network of contacts too. So it’ll be up on us to provide you with the advertizers. Our teams also manage your PPC earnings in order for you to have time to invest on other important stuff. We will provide you detailed as well as summarised statements of your earnings and all the companies
associated with it.

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